Unknown Video Club

Unknown Video Club is a collection of international art discovered by New York based artist Tyler Giordano. In early 2020 Giordano found a storage unit filled to the brim with original animation art. The Cels and drawings inside were utilized in the production of the popular television shows, He Man Masters of the Universe, She Ra POP, Ewoks, Back to the Future, The Real Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, Bravestarr, Spiderman, Flash Gordon and Beethoven. Giordano is currently cataloging the thousands of original pieces from this incredible haul to be exhibited on a proper website. In the meantime you can visit Action City Comics in Williamsburg, Brooklyn to see some of our collection in person. Unknown Video Club is excited to bring original art from out of the depths and into the hands of collectors at the March Big Apple Con. This is our fourth show with big apple and can’t wait to see you all there.