Violation of rules and guidelines are grounds for immediate removal from BACC without refund!

General Rules

1. Treat the BACC Staff, Guests and all Attendees with respect.
2. Wristbands and badges must be worn visibly at all times.
3. Wristbands and badges must be purchased in order to gain entry into BACC.
4. BACC staff, Guests and Attendees may not be in possession of any item defined as a weapon.
5. Usage or possession of illegal drugs or substance is strictly forbidden.
6. BACC staff, Guests and Attendees may not bring any animals onto the premises, with the exception of licensed Service Animals
7. If you are not sure about general rules, please ask BACC Staff for assistance. BACC management reserves the right to refuse entry or revoke right of entry to any person or persons who do not comply with BACC policies, and respect for the health and safety of all attendees.

Weapons Policy

1. Check with the Security at BACC regarding any question about weapons policies.
2. Live weapons of any sort are not allowed.
3. All weapons must be inspected by a member of BACC security staff and tagged prior to entry.
4. Weapons for Cosplay purposes will be allowed and must be non-firing.
5. Weapons that do not pass BACC security inspection will not be allowed to enter the convention.

Events & Autograph Lines

1. Respect others and do not cut in line.
2. Follow directions given by BACC Staff during any events, autograph, and photograph lines.
3. Keep lines moving in an orderly conduct.


1. Costumes and Cosplay is encouraged at BACC
2. Costumes must be in good judgment – Keep it respectful.
3. Must be clothed at all times
4. No see-through material over questionable body parts – Keep it covered
5. Keep in mind – children will be present

General Rules of Conduct and Anti-Harassment Policy

There is no place on any occasion during any Big Apple sponsored event, for offensive language, inappropriate physical contact, offense, or abuse of any kind. It will not be tolerated, and anyone found to be acting in any non-consensual way, or out of the bounds of social decency—accepted and acceptable social interaction—along with anyone participating or condoning those actions will be asked to leave the convention.

The rule of good manners and convivial conduct applies generally, but with even greater bearing with reference to all our Cosplayer guests.

Cosplay is social play, it requires confidence and comfort in the creation and wearing of your costume in a public space, and confidence and comfort in the public space where cosplay happens. A safe, relaxed, reciprocally appreciative, and nurturing environment is the only way that the enjoyment and magic of cosplay can flourish.

Cosplay is not consent for anything other than the pleasure of being together and enjoying the excitement of costuming in the company of others. Cosplay is not an opportunity to harass, stalk, intimidate, and/or assault. If abuse occurs contact any member of our staff, we have security personnel who will intervene.

The Big Apple Comic Convention will not tolerate abuse or inappropriate verbal, physical, or gestural actions in relation to our guests, attendees, or our staff.

Please have a wonderful time and participate in making it a wonderful time for every one of us.