Tony Franco

Hi, I’m Tony Franco and I’ve been a professional cartoonist for about 43 years. Over the years, I worked for the Star Line of Marvel Comics. I was the writer for HUGGA BUNCH, POPPLES, FLINTSTONE KIDS, and FOOFER, while providing the pencils for HEATHCLIFF. When my Marvel editor moved to Harvey Comics, I did some writing for the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. I also did illustrations for DC Comics for their BUGS BUNNY magazine. I worked in animation as well, providing character designs for DIC Animation Studio for their CAMP CANDY TV series. Throughout the years, I developed a large stable of my own concepts and characters and, now, I’m finally making my fondest dream come true by introducing and promoting my own cast of characters and concepts. On Artist Alley, I plan to showcase the first comic book and other merchandise of IT’S A DOG’S LIFE, a funny animal adventure strip, and hope that “Pug” and the Gang will capture the attention and the hearts of all those present. You can meet my other “friends” on my website, Looking forward to seeing you there.