Scott Schiaffo

Scott is best known as the “Chewlies Gum Guy” from Kevin Smith’s 1994 independent cult classic “Clerks”,  a role he will reprise in Smith’s much anticipated sequel film Clerks III with Brian O’Halloran and Rosario Dawson.
Schiaffo is an actor/musician who plays guitar, keyboards, bass, and harmonica. He has appeared in several feature films as well as many shorts since his big screen debut in the seminal cult comedy “Clerks”.  He’s appeared alongside Michael DeLorenzo in “The Garden State”, Selma Blair in “The Broccoli Theory” and Ethan Suplee in “Vulgar” Scott was featured in the View Askew produced – Lions Gate distributed motion picture “Vulgar”. “Vulgar” has gone on to become one of Lions Gate’s most controversial releases to date.