Jon B. Cooke

Jon B. Cooke is the editor of Comic Book Creator magazine (ex-Comic book Artist) and five-time recipient of the Eisner Award for “Best Comics-Related Periodical” and Harvey Award for “Best Historical or Journalistic Presentation.” Most recently, the Rhode Island-based historian authored The Charlton Companion, a definitive history of the publisher, and the Eisner-nominated The Book of Weirdo, a retrospective of Robert Crumb’s 1980s humor comics anthology magazine, which Crumb called “definitive.” Jon is also writer and co-producer of the full-length feature film documentary, Will Eisner: Portrait of a Sequential Artist. He is now at work on multiple books, including Forging Metal, a look at the international adult fantasy comics magazines from 1975–1985, a new history of Warren Publications, The Book of Warren, and a retrospective of Last Gasp, the San Francisco publisher. He lives “near the beach” with his wife, Beth, and various pets, and more often than not one o two of their three grown sons.